5 Jan 2012


Past was good, present is good, Future is also good,
Repent not for losses,
Nothing was brought by birth,
What have you produced to feel you have incurred loss?
Your possessions are gifted here only.
Whatever you gave away that too you gave it here only.
Whatever is your own today that was owned by,
someone else yesterday
And tomorrow it will be owned by some body else.
Transformation is the plan of nature.
Immaterial of karmaphala feel that is devine gift.
Time is precious - Do not post pone good deeds
Be non violent, give up violence.
Do not allow anger to come near you, think not when
you are emotional.
Help Ever - Hurt Never
Worship the almighty - Be ever helpful to all living
Follow the PeacePath and get the devine blessings.

--- Raghava Kumar Nanduri.